SOLD : Manufacturer, Supplier & Intaller of Industrial & Commercial Doors, Shutters & Grilles throughout the South West

“In with the new but not out with the old”

AM Doors of Paignton, south Devon was established in 1991 by husband and wife Andrew and Amanda (or Andy and Mandy – which has more of a ring to it) Dewis.

By manufacturing, supplying and installing industrial and commercial (plus some domestic) doors, shutters and grilles throughout The South West they built a good reputation for the quality and service offered. 

With a workforce of seven door engineers and assistants they built the business to a turnover of around £500,000. 

About 60% of the products sold are manufactured in-house with the remainder bought in from various sources within the U.K. Due to its specialist skills and appropriate machinery, the business is able to produce and install very large industrial doors for various purposes, not just for the run of the mill industrial and commercial properties but also for such as farm buildings. To date, the largest door it has manufactured and installed was 15’ wide and 50’ high which was required for a helicopter hangar.

The client base incorporates a very wide range of industrial and commercial customers including local authorities, schools, hospitals, construction companies, building contractors, window companies, property management agents and holiday parks, etc. as well as a large number of individual companies operating in very diverse commercial sectors.

With such a busy business and his desire to strive for providing a quality product and service Andy Dewis has been working long hours and juggling many roles within the business. Looking to step back from this Andy and Mandy decided to put the business on the market and chose to instruct Exeter based speciality business transfer agent, Beardsley Theobalds to handle the sale. A promotional campaign was undertaken which included the option to buyers that both Andy and Mandy would be happy to stay on within the business on a consultancy basis to ensure the transfer of the business to news owners would be as smooth as possible and help see the business continue.

The business was advertised on the dedicated business transfer industry websites and an enquiry was made by Andy (yes another Andy) Smith who already had business interests in the industrial door sector including Benweld Secure. In meeting with the vendors a good relationship was established immediately and a deal was brokered by the agents. With his existing business interests Andy Smith will be introducing an expanded offering within the industrial door sector and some of the ‘back office’ functions will be merged achieving efficiencies. Andy Dewis will continue to work in the business but will concentrate on a business development role and Mandy will be helping with a handover to achieve a smooth transfer.

Andy Smith added “We are extremely pleased to announce the acquisition of AM Doors Ltd by Benweld Holdings Group, we look forward to working with the Dewis family to operate and develop AM Doors in offering Quality Products and Service at Value for Money.

AM Doors sits within our strategic objective to grow our business interests outside of the Benweld High Security field into the wider industrial commercial arena, this will lead to the expansion of the AM Doors brand into more locations incorporating distribution for major industry brands in locations across the country”