Adviser Finance

We are pleased to recommend the services of Adviser Finance who have  proved that it is extremely worthwhile arranging finance via a broker. Most people, especially first time business buyers, tend to think only in terms of approaching their own banks when it comes to arranging finance to help fund the acquisition of a business. However, although this potential source of finance should be considered, a better deal is often found elsewhere. This is where the benefit of employing the services of a good broker comes into play. So the message is - if you want the best deal, "shop around" and if you want to be certain of achieving the best deal available to you use a broker.

Dave Wilks, at Adviser Finance, has full details, including financial information, of all of the businesses we are offering for sale. He will therefore be able to let you know the maximum level of funding possible and the various types of loan and repayment options available to you. (This will, of course, depend on your financial circumstances, experience, etc.). When contacted he will give you free general advice about the funding of businesses which will help you to be more selective regarding suitable businesses.

When instructed to proceed, Dave will help you prepare a business plan which will include financial projections and progress to securing a written agreement in principle for you, generally within a week of taking on your case.

Contact details :-

Tel: 07711 384546
E-mail :
Authorised by The Financial Conduct Authority : FRN 743364

The Takeover Expert

Buying a business is both exciting and possibly a little scary at the same time. By grasping the opportunity to leapfrog the business start-up process you will have gained a ready made operation with customers, sales and cash flow.

We are often asked when is the best time to acquire a business. Certainly, a number of conditions should be in place:

  • The opportunity exists – the business is for sale.
  • The price is right.
  • The business complements your existing enterprises or.
  • Matches your skill set – if this is your first business purchase.
  • The business is successful or has the potential to be so.

Problems arise, however, when these conditions exist but you lack the time, manpower, resources or expertise to manage the takeover process efficiently. You may, for example, still have to devote energy and resources to running an existing operation.

Perhaps you’re buying your first business and are unsure of the processes and how to prioritise each of the activities involved.

Sometimes, a chance to acquire a business has to be passed over because you don’t have the capacity or you’re simply unsure of the best way to do it because you lack experience. Often, the purchase is undertaken less than efficiently resulting in delays and unbudgeted expense.

Enter The Takeover Expert.

We provide the planning, manpower and the skills to ensure that all vital aspects of a takeover are delivered in a timely and cost effective way.

Following a takeover there are usually actions which must be undertaken immediately:

  • Security – securing offices, warehouses, stock and machinery.
  • IT Systems – ensuring the integrity and compatibility of existing and new administrative and accounting systems
  • Staff – dealing with retention and redundancy, motivation and morale.
  • Suppliers – delivery of existing orders, establishing monies owed and credit limits.
  • Customers – fulfilling existing sales, chasing monies owed and checking credit accounts.
  • Finance – ensuring existing lines of credit are maintained or negotiating new arrangements

We would strongly recommend that you talk to us before the takeover has been finalised. On day one, we should be there to implement a pre-agreed plan so that any interruption is kept to a minimum.

Actions Not Just Words

Our experience as successful business professionals means we are able to devise, implement and evaluate takeover plans for SMEs. We ensure an efficient integration of businesses enabling the minimum loss of business and money.

However, aloof dealers in abstract concepts we most certainly are not. We roll up our sleeves and get ‘stuck in’ to make sure your new business is integrated as soon as possible.

We will attend your business premises daily to make sure that our takeover plan is being implemented on schedule. We are able to address and resolve any problems as they arise. Indeed, working “on the ground” in this way means we are able to intervene before many situations develop into problems.

In the longer term, if you wish, we can work with you in the closer integration of the new and existing operations and help with the rationalisation of assets, staff and processes.

Contact Details: 

The Takeover Expert
Courtvollard Farmhouse
PL12 4RX
Andrew Horton
t: 07967 123201

Neil Bailey
t: 07825 986936

The Right Solicitor

Gard and Co. is a long established city law firm with a track record for service excellence and offers a London style service at provincial prices.

The focus of the firm's commercial department is on the legal work associated with the transfer of limited companies and unincorporated businesses.

Led by partners Steven Hudson and Simon Mole the team also includes Chris Matthews and Helen O’Leary with litigation support from senior solicitor Russell Pearce. Each member of the team is a successful and experienced specialist in their own right.

At the heart of communications are the legal assistants led by Sue Graham who has had many years' experience in law firms at a senior level.

The combined effect of the number and experience of the solicitors and assistants ensures efficiency and continuity for you when any one of the team is not available.

As specialists, each of the solicitors are able to tailor their service to your needs. In practice this means that if required they are able to work “around the clock” to ensure that deals, which you have worked so hard to line up, are contracted on time and on the best legal terms achievable.

Over the years, they have acted in the sale and purchase of most types and sizes of businesses and companies within the SME sector. They have a widespread reputation and act for sellers and buyers throughout the UK and abroad.

It has been our experience that when dealing with commercial, industrial and service sector businesses, their “know how” and expertise shows through when compared to the work of other solicitors who, even if they have considerable experience of business transfer work, are usually more used to dealing with consumer type businesses such as retail, catering and those connected to the licence trade!

Each of the solicitors at Gard and Co. specialises in business transfer work and this allows them the opportunity to provide as much support and guidance as you may require through the often difficult steps of negotiating the detail of contracts. They will be happy to discuss your transaction in an initial free consultation (at your premises if you prefer) to ensure that you are properly advised prior to their work starting.

Contact information :-

Gard and Co Solicitors
4 Bretonside
DX 8253 Plymouth 2
Tel : 01752 668246

For a free no obligation chat, on the telephone or over a cup of coffee, just call.

Simpkins Edwards

Simpkins Edwards is a long-established firm of chartered accountants, business advisors and tax consultants.

They operate through 8 offices and specialise in providing accounting and advisory services to businesses from start ups to corporate groups. Apart from standard audit and accounting services, which include a large payroll bureau, they offer a wide range of specialist services to assist the profitable development of businesses.

They are a leading practice in IT business applications, provide strong advice and practical support for strategic planning, the development of business plans and exit and succession planning and are also able to provide, when necessary, a litigation support team for claimants or defendants. Tax planning, whether for the business itself or directors and shareholders personally, is undertaken by specialist tax accountants. They also specialise in inheritance tax planning and probate.

The ethos of the firm is to provide a personal service for every client according to the individual needs of each client.

A close relationship is established so that the firm has a clear and continuing understanding of the client’s needs. These can include, for example, when an acquisition of a business is being considered : –

  • Undertaking due diligence on a business
  • Advice on a prospective purchase of a business
  • Assisting the production of or producing a business plan
  • Supporting an application for finance, including accompanying clients to a meeting at a bank where appropriate
  • Advice on the type of ownership, for example whether the business should be operated as a limited company, sole trader or partnership
  • Implementation of new accounting or management control systems

A partner or other specialist will always be happy to meet clients on their own premises or elsewhere as appropriate. They are not office bound in their own offices!

This relationship will normally develop and deepen over time in order that the client can fully benefit from the advice and service required.

Contact details :-

Adrian Hemmings
Simpkins Edwards LLP
The Summit
Woodwater Park
Pynes Hill
Exeter, EX2 5WS
Tel : 01392 211233
Fax : 01392 413173
Email :


We are different to other accountants

We work much more closely with our clients than traditional accountants. We also have a much smaller number of clients than normal and are selective in the clients that we act for. We want to get to know our clients businesses inside out, enabling us to easily identify problems and spot opportunities. We want to help improve profits and encourage growth.

Our mission is to always add value

Whatever we do for you, we will always carry out our work with the aim of adding value to your business. We do this by a combination of increasing profits and cash flow. We run a very cost effective business by making the most of modern technology, resources and research, but we will never be the cheapest solution.

Amongst the many ways we look at to add value will be researching opportunities within your business to grow profits and cash flow, looking at hundreds of ideas for tax planning, including access to some of the most exclusive tax planning schemes (until now usually only available to the very rich), as well as looking at grants, funding, cost savings and benchmarking to help you achieve much more. In addition, our moneyVision financial service sister-company will be able to look at all your financial service aspects with a view to providing the best products at the cheapest available price.

We are so sure that we will be able to add value to your business that we provide a unique guarantee that says if at the end of each year you do not feel we have added sufficient value to justify our fee, then you simply pay us the value that you feel is relevant (including zero).

A unique feature of our service is fixed price agreements

Once we have established your needs we will give you a guaranteed fully inclusive price from the start. This will give you peace of mind and no surprise bills.

Our philosophy is to provide a high value service by: –

  • Providing the best possible service
  • Aiming to continually exceed our clients’ expectations
  • Making the time to really listen to the needs of our clients
  • Suggesting ideas to improve profits and help the business grow
  • Providing professional expertise in order to proactively identify opportunities and provide solutions
  • Provide your accounts within 20 working days
  • Reply to your communications swiftly and promptly
  • To always let you know the status of any work we are carrying out so that you never need to chase us
  • Being an indispensable part of your business

Our aim is to provide small and medium sized businesses with information and advice that goes beyond the traditional accountancy services of preparing accounts and tax returns.

We believe that many business owners work long hours and come under increasing amounts of stress for insufficient rewards. Our aim is to help businesses achieve a greater balance between the effort put into their business and the amount of income they receive back. This is achieved by making available a wide range of professional services starting with a substantial amount of free information, building up through relatively cheap business forums right through to full partnership type consultancy work, where we are involved in the day to day running of the business to a great extent.

businessVision benefit from having a stable number of long serving team members and a reputation in the South West as being a practice that is different from the typical accountancy practice, is small and friendly, but able to offer the type of services more commonly associated with large accountancy firms.

Contact details :-

Tel: 01752 752210
Fax: 01752 752211

Hear from our clients

"Thanks for all your support throughout. We could not have done it without you!"

Sam Money and Peter O'Connor, vendors of Space Roofs Ltd.

Thank you very much for helping us with the purchase of Krystal Roks, we’re sorry we haven’t been in touch sooner but we have been up to our eyeballs! We appreciate all the effort you made on our behalf during the negotiations, we are very grateful that you helped us to achieve our goal in buying the business.

Angelo Lenarduzzi, purchaser of Krystal Roks

Felt confident that Charlie was looking after all parties interests.

Clive Tabiner, Purchaser of The Cherry Tree Cornwall

You provided all-encompassing professional marketing.

Mr. R. Sillence, vendor of electroplating business

You kept us informed all the way through.

Mr. J. Field, vendor of hard landscaping business

The best service aspects of your service were no up-front charges and good advice about sales procedure.

Mr. C. Smith, vendor of agricultural supplies business

You provided a professional approach and good service and the best aspect was the continuity with Charlie and regular feedback.

Mr. L. Norris, vendor of commercial laundry

I received personal attention by Roger and Charlie. I was surprised how quickly the business sold. Obviously your marketing works.

Mr. J. Wheeler, vendor of shop/office investment property

You have a professional approach and sold my business in relatively quick time.

Mr. C. Learmonth, Motorhome Hire business

You were professional and honest and gave constant feedback.

Mrs. C. Norrish, vendor of food and drink packaging business

If you have any questions about our business portfolio, or about the business transfer industry, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.