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Arranging to Visit a Business

Our intention is to provide sufficient information in our sales particulars to enable you to decide whether or not to visit any particular business.

Once you have decided that you would like to visit a business, it would be helpful to all concerned to bear in mind the following:

  • Arrangements should only be made through us. We have agreed this with vendors to ensure confidentiality with regard to staff and customers. Please think about proposing alternative dates/times before asking to make arrangements. This will avoid unnecessary phone calls back and forth.
  • Please tell us as much as possible about your own situation and background. Naturally, vendors want to know about the people they are about to meet.
  • We always supply you with the vendor’s name and contact telephone number. Please call the vendor (but be discreet) if you are delayed or can’t make the appointment.
  • After your visit(s) please give us some feedback. We can then supply further information such as accounts, if you are interested in pursuing the business. If you are not, please let us know the reasons. This will help us to help you to find a more suitable business.

Found a Business Elsewhere and Want Valuation Advice?

If it is not a business for which we are acting, we are happy to place our experience at your disposal. Our advice will be entirely neutral and exclusively based on over 20 years of valuing and selling business – a formulaic approach it is not! You may find this service helpful in other circumstances. Perhaps you have a possible private buyer for your business but are unsure what sort of deal you should be satisfied with. Maybe there are changes in shareholdings by members of your family or staff to be determined. If you are undertaking a financial planning exercise, you will need a realistic opinion of the value of your business.

If you think you may need this type of advice, why not call Roger Mundy on 01392 253071 and have a no-obligation chat to see whether we can help.

What Buyers Say About Us

  • "Good choice of businesses for sale. Excellent service. Thanks to everyone at Beardsley Theobalds for all their help".
  • "The fact that you were excellent co-ordinators was key to the deal going through. General comments – Excellent, once we had a prospective deal on the table. Very good letter advising the parties to TALK with each other often and openly".
  • "Your sales particulars are the most detailed and informative that I have ever seen - most helpful and much appreciated".
  • "We enjoyed reading your overview of the market which fronts your Summary List of Businesses - well written, very informative and not the usual type of commentary one expects from agents!".
  • "I was both impressed and surprised with the number and range of businesses on your Summary List - it certainly gave me food for thought and lots of opportunities to consider businesses of the type I hadn't even thought about!".
  • "I was impressed with the prompt way you sent your details, having always received them the next day".
  • "Thank you for your assistance in helping me to find and acquire this superb business - if it had not been for the help and advice you gave me I would probably still be a confused person standing on first base".

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