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Latest News on Business Funding (September 2020)

Graham Jones at Mendip Business Finance says :-

Uncertainty following the Brexit vote has undoubtedly influenced the general commercial market in the UK and in turn the appetite to take on any additional financial commitment has been dampened. That said, interest rates are still exceptionally low and are only predicted to rise by small degrees into the foreseeable future. Our commercial lending …

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£35.4m funding for 12 major projects in Devon

The Heart of the South West Local Enterprise Partnership (HotSW LEP) has secured £35.4m from the Getting Building Fund (GBF) which it has earmarked for 12 ‘shovel-ready’ projects in Devon. These projects – which will support employment, regeneration, skills, innovation and clean energy – will now complete a business case by the end of this month in order to demonstrate job creation and the total …

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£59m stimulus for pioneering projects in Cornwall

£14.3m from the government’s Getting Building Fund (GBF), is to be invested by the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Local Enterprise Partnership into an agreed list of seven ‘shovel-ready’ projects in Cornwall, spanning renewable energy, space, aerospace, creative industries, STEM skills and agri-food. This GBF investment will attract a further £44.6m of public and private sector match funding, there…

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LEP stimulus for economic recovery in Dorset

£11.8 m has been secured by Dorset LEP for investment in the county and will be targeted to help stimulate local economic recovery and create new jobs. The money, obtained from the Getting Building Fund (GBF) will be aimed at uplifting skills and healthcare provisions as well as enhancing physical and digital infrastructure. This sizeable investment should significantly help Dorset LEP’s plans fo…

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Now is the time to take control of your life by becoming your own boss!

The impact of Covid-19 related Government guidelines and restrictions have caused a lot of people to review their working lives. Many employees have been furloughed whilst others have already lost their jobs and, sadly, significantly more will undoubtedly join the latter’s ranks! Even those currently working – either from home or at their employers’ business premises – are feeling somewhat fearfu…

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Will You Benefit From Entrepreneurs' Relief When You Sell Your Business/Company?

The vast majority of small business owners who have sold their enterprises since April 2008 have benefited from being able to take advantage of Entrepreneurs’ Relief and thereby paid Capital Gains Tax (CGT) based on a rate of just 10% (compared with individual seller’s income tax rates which can be as high as 45% and which would otherwise apply). Consequently, this has been a highly discounted …

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To sell or not to sell, that is the question

Since late 2016 there has been a general reduction in the number of businesses coming onto the market. It is generally understood that business owners, who in principle would like to sell, have been demonstrating a reluctance to commit to taking the necessary decision to do so. They have been citing all sorts of reasons for this, including the current state of the economy (national and global), g…

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Are people buying businesses now?

If I had been answering this question during the early part of 2012 then I would have said “yes, but not that many”. However, since then the situation has changed significantly and during the second half and, in particular, during the final quarter of 2013 the business transfer market picked up markedly. Moreover, between October and December we at Beardsley Theobalds sold more businesses than we…

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Quality Businesses Achieving Premium Prices

They say that the business transfer market has fluctuated for some time, but is now undoubtedly much better in certain sectors than in others. Since the financial crisis and ensuing recession took hold in late 2007 this has certainly been the case and there are certain sectors of the market which have definitely suffered more than others. Conversely, we at Beardsley Theobalds appear to have weath…

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Demand for niche market businesses

Beardsley Theobalds, the specialist business transfer agency, has, over the last few months, brokered the sale of four niche market businesses showing that there is demand for businesses that are not ‘run of the mill’.

Some business owners, who are looking towards retirement or who simply fancy a change, think that they have a business that is so specialist or unusual that nobody would want to t…

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Where on Earth are all the business buyers coming from?

During the last few years there has been a very noticeable increase in enquiries for businesses being offered for sale in the West Country from prospective buyers living abroad. Moreover, and much more significant, growing numbers of these people are seriously pursuing their interest in acquiring businesses in the South West as is demonstrated by them flying to the U.K. in order to meet business …

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So, what’s the business transfer market like at this time?

This is a question we are constantly being asked, especially by business owners who have been contemplating selling their businesses. The short answer is : It’s a bit like the ‘curate’s egg’ – good in parts. To be more precise, there are more prospective buyers than we have ever known currently looking for quality businesses in the market sectors in which we specialise – industrial, commercial an…

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Is Your Business Fit For Sale?

Advice to business owners is always – plan your exit from the business well in advance. Groom the business to maximise its saleability. Choose the timing with care.

Unfortunately, while most people accept the sense of this, in practice it usually doesn’t happen, often because the decision to sell is made quite suddenly and once it is made there is a desire to sell as soon as possible. This m…

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What's the attraction for people looking to own a business in the West Country?

Well that’s an easy question to answer I hear you say. It’s obviously the fantastic scenery, wonderful countryside and impressive coastline. It’s the leisure facilities and the more favourable climate. It’s also the slower pace of life and lower crime rate, etc. Oh, and (of course) the benefits and satisfaction of having one’s own business. Yes, with its very attractive environment and the qualit…

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Is your New Year resolution to sell your business?

If you are thinking of selling your business in the relatively near future – say later this year or within the next year or two – now is a good time to consider your options. You most certainly need to carefully plan your exit from the business and thoroughly prepare it for disposal before offering it for sale. If you should fail to do this it will almost certainly take longer to sell (if indeed …

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£56m funding boost to drive productivity in SME sector

This government financed cash injection is aimed at harnessing technology and encouraging businesses to take crucial actions to boost their own productivity – a very worthwhile and commendable objective to be sure! For more detailed information on this subject please read the news bulletin below which was issued by Insider Media Ltd today.

Roger Mundy, Managing Director, Beardsley Theobalds, 6th…

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Cornwall Airport sees passenger numbers climb close to 0.5m

Turnover and passenger numbers both increased in the year to 31st March 2019 at Cornwall Airport Newquay and are set to rise even further. This is the fifth year in succession that the airport has achieved growth and its continuing expansion is certainly providing a healthy boost to the county. For more information on this subject please read the bulletin below which was issued by Insider Media t…

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HSBC UK commits £1bn fund to lend to South West SMEs

The above headline just about says it all, but for more information on this welcome news please read the news bulletin below which was issued by Insider Media today.

Roger Mundy, Managing Director, Beardsley Theobalds, 26th September 2019




Bank sets aside £1bn for South West SMEs

HSBC UK has committed funds of £1bn to lend to SMEs in the South West.

The Wales S…

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£30m research and development competition for UK manufacturers

The government has launched a £30m competition as part of the Manufacturing Made Smarter initiative to encourage UK manufacturing to focus on the development and integration of industrial digital technologies. The aim is to inspire and support companies of all sizes to develop new digital capabilities to ensure that the UK remains at the forefront of technological developments. For more informati…

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The West of England Industrial Strategy se to raise productivity levels and create high quality, well paid jobs

The West of England industrial strategy document, which has just been made public, identifies the ways the region will contribute towards the national strategy. This initiative should go a long way towards bolstering the region’s fortunes and significantly improve its long term prospects. For further details please read the bulletin below which was issued by Insider Media Ltd. today.

Roger M…

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£18.75m funding boost available to SMEs via LendingCrowd’s platform

A multi-million pound funding boost is set to benefit SMEs throughout Britain in the form of business loans through LendingCrowd, who have brought together the Scottish Investment Bank and Dutch entrepreneurial bank NIBC to provide the backing for this finance.

This alternative lending facility is likely to be of considerable help to ever more SMEs to enable them to fulfil their business ambitio…

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So, what’s your business worth?

It may be surprising, but nevertheless true, that the vast majority of small business owners have little to no idea what their businesses are worth. This, of course, must be a significant weakness from both strategic and exit planning perspectives. However, how can they, as well as those who are currently considering the idea of selling, obtain realistic and reliable valuation advice?

There are …

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New ‘Institutes of Technology’ to produce skilled workers to benefit South West economy

The first 12 Institutes of Technology across the country include two in the westcountry – the University of Exeter and Weston College of Further and Higher Education. They will specialise in higher level training in STEM subjects such as digital, advanced manufacturing and engineering backed by £170m of government funding. This is designed to ensure that young people have the skills to build rewa…

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In recent years more and more people have considered business ownership in preference to working for other people and many have acted on this desire. At the same time there has been a growing trend in the appeal of working on a flexi-hours basis and, despite the negative publicity given to zero-hours contracts, there are thousands of people for whom this is a very attractive proposition – working…
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