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Help & Advice for BuyersHelp & Advice for Buyers

Found a business elsewhere & want valuation advice?

Buying a business is not a standardised process – but there are a number of useful guidelines. We have therefore produced a separate and more detailed article, "How to buy a business", which we would recommend you read. Read our guide on How to buy a business.

We list below a few key points to help you make the right decisions in these areas.

The Ideal Business

A lovely, but probably unattainable, dream. Therefore, be flexible about your requirements, be realistic about what you can afford and be ready to compromise when you find something near to your requirements.

Business Finance Useful links

Absolutely crucial area but very complex and constantly changing. Don’t try to do it yourself. Get the help of a commercial mortgage broker. We can advise. Please ask.

The Right Solicitor Useful links

Also critical. Can be the difference between a good or bad deal or even whether the deal happens for you. Not all solicitors are the same! We can advise.

Other Professional Advice Useful links

You may need the services of – a surveyor, accountant, stocktaker or others. Please just ask.

'Hands-On' Help with a Business Acquisition Useful links

An ideal and extremely helpful service for existing business owners acquiring additional businesses.

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