South West employers among most optimistic in country for recruitment by end of 2018

Thursday 20th September 2018

A report by ManpowerGroup puts the South West among the most confident in the country as far as workforce growth is concerned. A very significant number of organisations right across the region are looking to recruit with employers in the utilities sector currently the most optimistic. For the full picture please read the article below which appeared in the Western Morning News today.

Roger Mundy, Managing Director, Beardsley Theobalds, 20th September 2018

SW bosses more optimistic for recruiting by 2019

Employers in the South West are among the most optimistic in the country that they will be recruiting more staff before the end of 2018, according to a survey by a global employment group.

But expectations of pay among potential candidates is often higher than businesses are prepared to offer.

A report by ManpowerGroup, which is used as a key economic indicator by both the Bank of England and the UK Government, puts the South West as among the most confident in workforce growth.

The ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey is based on responses from 2,100 UK employers.
It asks whether employers intend to hire additional workers or reduce the size of their workforce in the coming quarter.

With a balance of +9% of the region’s employers planning to take on more staff in the coming quarter, the region is more optimistic about hiring intentions than the national average.
The region’s outlook is only better by the East Midlands, which is at +11%, which South East and West Midlands employers both report Outlooks of +7%.

Jason Greaves, Director at ManpowerGroup, said: “Employers across the South West plan to recruit additional workers in the last three months of the year, with strong demand in the driving sand logistics sector, in particular.

“However, many organisations many find these roles difficult to fill, as they aren’t meeting the salary demands of the candidates they wish to attract.

“Right across the South West, plenty of organisations are looking to recruit, and the good news is that workers are looking to change jobs too.

“However, candidates are demanding higher pay than they may have done, in the past, and employers aren’t willing to match their expectations.

“Added to this, when a candidate is interested in a particular job, employers are slow to engage with them.

“In this tight labour market, employers need to be quicker in their hiring decisions, if they want to attract the best talent.”

The outlook survey has also divided businesses to sector to come up with figures showing which areas are more likely to recruit.

Employers in the Utilities sectors are amongst the most optimistic this quarter with an Outlook of +12% - with an increase in Smart meters and construction of new energy infrastructure adding to this optimism.

Agriculture employers (+14%) are the most likely to add to headcount in the three months to Christmas.

Finance & Business Services employers (+5%) will increase staffing slightly in the last quarter of the year.

And employers in the Hotels & Retail sector will also keep hiring with an Outlook of +5% - the leisure sector of Hotels & Restaurants being particularly positive at +11%.