All of South West region to benefit from Cornwall’s space industry

Thursday 20th September 2018

According to the Managing Director of Cornwall Council’s commercial arm, Corserv, the investment in Cornwall’s space industry will benefit the whole of the South West. For more on this subject please read the bulletin below which was issued today Insider News Media.

Roger Mundy, Managing Director, Beardsley Theobalds, 20th September 2018

Cornish space industry to benefit the whole of the South West

The investment in Cornwall's space industry will benefit the whole of the South West, the newly-appointed managing director of Cornwall Council's commercial arm, Corserv, has told Insider.

Cath Robinson has been interim managing director at the company on secondment from the council since March 2018.

Corserv operates civil engineering company Cormac, Cornwall Housing and Cornwall Airport Newquay. The company, which has a turnover of around £240m, also runs economic development company the Cornwall Development Company, as well as Via East Midlands in partnership with Nottinghamshire County Council.

Robinson said: "The Cornwall Development Company and the airport are working with the council, and we're working tirelessly with government and Virgin Orbital to pull off the spaceport development.

"What we do have is the horizontal launch facility, there's been the memorandum of understanding with Virgin Orbit, it's a major launch capacity for satellite development
"It's really key for the UK but it's particularly exciting for the South West, with that and Goonhilly, to develop the economy and give opportunities for high value jobs and apprenticeships linked to Universities, but it's a very early stage.

"I don't think it'll just be Cornwall that feels the benefit, it'll benefit the wider South West, it'll be really good news."

The Cornwall Development Company (CDC) has also had a hand in extending broadband coverage around the county.

Robinson continued: "Cornwall Development Company has been instrumental in the superfast project, so Cornwall has some of the best connectivity, and with the airport has created wealth in the economy, 3,500 extra jobs, and protected another 4,000, and about 3,800 businesses created, so that's where we're really helping the economy, the roads, and with CDC bringing in support for businesses, extra investment through grants and investments it can make.

"At the moment we've got really good coverage with the broadband but we know there are around 8,000 other businesses that don't have.

"We also have the Aerohub close to the airport, we're trying to attract new businesses to the Aerohub, with business rates to build facilities to suit them to create jobs and opportunities.
"I'm really pleased to take on this role, I'm Cornish, born in Cornwall and have worked in local government since 16 and along the way have done an MBA and accountancy qualifications."