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Help & Advice for VendorsWant to sell your Business?

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Help & Advice for VendorsHelp & Advice for Vendors

Selling a business is not a standardised process – but there are a number of useful guidelines.

Timing is important – start planning well in advance. Talk to your accountant, solicitor and an agent. Make any changes to the business and its assets which will enhance the saleability and value – but do not do anything which will make it more difficult to sell. Arrange with your accountant to have the accounts produced, in the right format for a sale, very quickly after your financial year end and put the business on the market while it is freshly prepared for a sale – not unlike getting your car serviced and valeted before selling it!

One of the most important questions is – “How much am I likely to get for the business?” No one can tell you for certain but getting the right advice may be critical. If you use the right valuer, that advice might be “Don’t try to sell now” or “Don’t try to sell as a going concern”. We will always tell you the truth as we see it and give you the appropriate advice. We will recommend a pricing and marketing policy to achieve a sale on the best terms.

We will agree with you the degree of confidentiality required.

We are very active in our marketing and will continue to promote your business until it sells. Despite this, we do NOT ask for a marketing budget from you.

We will regularly communicate with you to advise what is happening and to discuss with you the way forward.

We will negotiate with imagination to achieve a successful sale. We do not merely pass on offers.

When a sale is agreed we will monitor progress so that we can act quickly if a problem should arise. A sale has not been achieved until it has been completed.

Complimentary Booklet

We provide all vendor clients with a booklet offering valuable tips to help them improve the chances of selling their business.

What Next?

Give us a call on +44 (0)1392 253071 and speak to our managing director, Roger Mundy. The conversation will be totally confidential and hopefully it will be the first step to achieving your goal of a successful sale of your business.

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Also critical. Can be the difference between a good or bad deal or even whether the deal happens for you. Not all solicitors are the same! We can advise.

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You may need the services of – a surveyor, accountant, stocktaker or others. Please just ask.

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