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Mendip Business Finance

Graham Jones at Mendip Business Finance says


We are currently witnessing a more positive attitude from lenders towards the business sector encouraged by the Bank of England announcing a new “Term Funding Scheme” releasing £100 Billion of subsidised funding into the market on the back of Base Rate being reduced to 0.25%. This effectively replaces the former “Funding for Lending Scheme” but rates of interest will continue to be appreciably discounted by as much as one percent and in some cases over the whole term of the loan. This applies equally to businesses with either freehold or leasehold premises and to businesses purchased on a relocation basis ( ie without business premises) as well as to companies acquired via share purchase all of which are often bought by “first time buyers”.


The key to obtaining funding for a business is a mixture of good connections and credentials with the lending institutions, an understanding of the lenders borrowing criteria and careful attention to providing them with a well thought out and fully documented proposal including a business plan and financial projections both of which we prepare. This usually results in an “agreement in principle” decision in writing within a week of us receiving an instruction from the prospective purchaser.


Increasingly we are accessing business loans at competitive rates with non High Street lenders who are relative newcomers on the scene and who rely on the broker market for introductions and who value our professional input.


We also specialise in raising finance under the Government’s “Enterprise Finance Guarantee Scheme” which provides participating lenders with the comfort of security when this is the missing ingredient in an otherwise acceptable proposition.


Graham Jones ACIB CeMAP of Mendip Business Finance has decades of experience working closely with lenders, accountants, solicitors and business transfer agents and has consequently built up an enviable reputation within the finance sector. Before becoming a commercial finance broker he worked in the banking sector as a professionally qualified senior business manager dealing directly with a wide cross section of business owners on a daily basis. If you are considering a business purchase then you would be well advised to consult a professional first so that you are fully in the picture. Simply call the contact number below and ask for Graham Jones or send him an email for a free consultation.


Tel 01761 241144

Authorised by The Financial Conduct Authority : FRN 651835

The Takeover Expert

Buying a business is both exciting and possibly a little scary at the same time. By grasping the opportunity to leapfrog the business start-up process you will have gained a ready made operation with customers, sales and cash flow.

We are often asked when is the best time to acquire a business. Certainly, a number of conditions should be in place:

  • The opportunity exists – the business is for sale.
  • The price is right.
  • The business complements your existing enterprises or.
  • Matches your skill set - if this is your first business purchase.
  • The business is successful or has the potential to be so.

Problems arise, however, when these conditions exist but you lack the time, manpower, resources or expertise to manage the takeover process efficiently. You may, for example, still have to devote energy and resources to running an existing operation.

Perhaps you’re buying your first business and are unsure of the processes and how to prioritise each of the activities involved.

Sometimes, a chance to acquire a business has to be passed over because you don’t have the capacity or you’re simply unsure of the best way to do it because you lack experience. Often, the purchase is undertaken less than efficiently resulting in delays and unbudgeted expense.

Enter The Takeover Expert.

We provide the planning, manpower and the skills to ensure that all vital aspects of a takeover are delivered in a timely and cost effective way.

Following a takeover there are usually actions which must be undertaken immediately:

  • Security – securing offices, warehouses, stock and machinery.
  • IT Systems – ensuring the integrity and compatibility of existing and new administrative and accounting systems
  • Staff – dealing with retention and redundancy, motivation and morale.
  • Suppliers – delivery of existing orders, establishing monies owed and credit limits.
  • Customers – fulfilling existing sales, chasing monies owed and checking credit accounts.
  • Finance – ensuring existing lines of credit are maintained or negotiating new arrangements.

We would strongly recommend that you talk to us before the takeover has been finalised. On day one, we should be there to implement a pre-agreed plan so that any interruption is kept to a minimum.

Actions Not Just Words

Our experience as successful business professionals means we are able to devise, implement and evaluate takeover plans for SMEs. We ensure an efficient integration of businesses enabling the minimum loss of business and money.

However, aloof dealers in abstract concepts we most certainly are not. We roll up our sleeves and get ‘stuck in’ to make sure your new business is integrated as soon as possible.

We will attend your business premises daily to make sure that our takeover plan is being implemented on schedule. We are able to address and resolve any problems as they arise. Indeed, working “on the ground” in this way means we are able to intervene before many situations develop into problems.

In the longer term, if you wish, we can work with you in the closer integration of the new and existing operations and help with the rationalisation of assets, staff and processes.

The Takeover Expert
Courtvollard Farmhouse
PL12 4RX

Andrew Horton                                 
t: 07967 123201                                 

Neil Bailey

t: 07825 986936

Gard & Co Solicitors

Gard & Co Solicitors

Gard and Co. is a long established city law firm with a proven track record for offering a London style service at provincial prices.

The focus of the company and commercial department is on the legal work associated with the transfer of limited companies and unincorporated businesses.

Led by senior partner Steven Hudson, the team includes Simon Mole, Helen O'Leary, Rebecca Lacey and Chris Matthews with litigation support from senior solicitor, Russell Pearce. Each member of the team is a successful and experienced specialist in their own right.

The combined effect of the number and experience of the solicitors and assistants ensures efficiency and continuity for you when any one of the team is not available.

As specialists each of the solicitors are able to tailor their service to your needs. In practice this means that if required they are able to work "around the clock" to ensure that deals, which you have worked so hard to line up, are contracted on time and on the best legal terms achievable.

Over the years, they have acted in the sale and purchase of most types and sizes of businesses. They have a widespread reputation and act for sellers and buyers throughout the UK and abroad.

It has been our experience that when dealing with commercial and industrial businesses, their "know how" and expertise shows through when compared to the work of other solicitors who, even if they have considerable experience of business transfer work, are more used to dealing with consumer type businesses such as retail, catering and those connected to the licence trade.

Each of the solicitors specialises in company and commercial work and this allows them the opportunity to provide as much support and guidance as you may require through the often difficult steps of negotiating the detail of contracts.

Each of the solicitors will be happy to discuss your transaction in an initial free consultation to ensure that you are properly advised prior to their work starting.

The main features and benefits of the Gard and Co. company and commercial service may be summarised as :-

  • free initial consultation -  this means that you will have ample opportunity to weigh up and consider whether you think that Gard and Co is the firm for you, on a completely no obligation basis
  • no obligation free written terms of business - this means that Gard and Co believe in setting out their fees expenses and  vat, in a clear and transparent way and are happy to follow up any verbal indication of cost in a detailed terms of business letter so that you can judge their words against actions, even before you have made a decision to instruct them
  • highly competitive fees - hourly rates in London and the home counties can range from £250 to £1000. In the south west hourly rates can range from £185 to £500. Whilst each solicitor is charged out at a particular hourly rate, according to seniority, they are very competitive when compared to solicitors undertaking similar work 
  • no obligation, on site meetings for potential vendor clients – sensitivity permitting, Gard & Co will come to you for a first meeting. This means that you will be able to weigh up Gard & Co as potential legal representatives without any commitment and without leaving your place of business, whilst putting them in a position to more fully advance your interests, if they are suitable for you
  • no draft contract no fee – in most cases Gard & Co will not charge a fee for their service unless a first discussion draft of the contract is circulated. This means that you will not be charged for preliminary legal work if your transaction does not get as far as this critical stage and, therefore, Gard & Co will share with you some of the early risk associated with the legal process in relation to your transaction not becoming firmly established
  • excellent negotiation skills -  it is the role of your solicitor to help you to crystallise the structure and terms of the contract that you have , possibly, already reached in principle. The skill set that marks the good commercial solicitor apart from the rest involves the ability to use anything from hard bargaining to tact and diplomacy to achieve an agreed contract, according to circumstances. The existence and application of those skills may be vital and often can mean the difference between transactions succeeding or falling through
  • attentive to detail  - "the devil is in the detail". Opportunity and great ideas combined with energy and enthusiasm do not alone guarantee success in business. Even if you have secured the main terms of the contract any slip up on the fine detail in legal contracts can be likened to "building a house on sand".
  • experienced commercial solicitors -  this means that because they have dealt with countless (often complex) commercial transactions they can add value to the legal contracts they negotiate by substantially reducing your risk, saving you money or improving your prospects of securing financial benefits 
  • successful in their own right -  they say that if you want something done you should approach a busy person. This is often (although granted, not always), because the individual concerned is successful. Gard and Co have a strong reputation and following because they have been dedicated to providing excellent professional services since for very many years
  • pro-active case management - the solicitors only carry a small number of transactions at any one time i.e. twenties rather than hundreds. This allows each solicitor the capacity to drive a transaction forward in order to keep to the timetable agreed at the outset. Assuming the co-operation of the other party and his or her representatives, it is possible to bring your transaction in on time and budget 
  • regular progress reports -  Gard and Co will communicate with you by e-mail if this is possible and will copy you in on all relevant correspondence with all parties so that you are involved in each step of the journey from instruction to completion and beyond
  • good and careful communication - Gard and Co’s  solicitors leave their egos at home and use their negotiation skills and powers of persuasion to secure your goals
  • expedited transactions - this means that when you are asked to move more quickly than normal you can be confident that Gard and Co can support you in that goal. This is achieved because, as previously mentioned, the solicitors only carry a small number of transactions at any one time
  • "out of hours" contact - the solicitors are used to working long hours but, even then, events in transactions do not always fit neatly into working hours. As commercial solicitors, Gard and Co recognise that you may need help outside of working hours and offer flexibility in that regard
  • friendly and courteous - sometimes confident experts may appear arrogant. Gard and Co’s solicitors have a friendly and respectful culture internally and this approach is reflected in their friendly and courteous approach not only to you but to all others involved in your transaction
  • national reputation -  Gard and Co is a city law firm offering legal services through specialist departments. The firm has been able to achieve notable successes for its clients and has through this achieved a strong reputation for affordable expertise well beyond the boundaries of the local region
  • advice in plain English - it is a badge of honour for Gard and Co to make sure that you understand the advice that is being given and for this reason their solicitors try to avoid technical language wherever possible and where necessary such language will be accompanied by a clear explanation in easy to understand English
Contact information :-


Steven Hudson    D/L 01752 827660

Simon Mole    D/L 01752 827680

Helen O'Leary    D/L 01752 827670

Rebecca Lacey     D/L 01752 827688

Chris Matthews     D/L 01752 827673

Russell Pearce    D/L 01752 827674

Gard and Co
4 Bretonside
Plymouth       PL4 0BY

DX 8253 Plymouth 2
Tel : 01752 668246
Fax : 01752 222378

For a free no obligation chat on the telephone or over a cup of coffee in the office just call.

HW Forensic Accountants


HW Forensic Accountants is part of the wider Haines Watts group of Chartered Accountants who focus specifically on the needs of owner managers and their businesses.


In 1999, HW Forensic Accountants formed to focus our efforts on the provision of a variety of expert witness services across England and Wales. As Forensic Accountants, we apply accountancy and investigation skills to legal matters and prepare Court compliant reports that are easy to understand.

We can provide expert witness services including the following :-

  • Business valuations and divorce
  • Mediation
  • Commercial disputes
  • Personal injury, clinical negligence or dependency
  • Professional negligence

Contact Details : -

Duncan Barnes

3 Southernhay West




Simpkins Edwards LLP

Simpkins Edwards

Simpkins Edwards is a long-established firm of chartered accountants, business advisors and tax consultants.

They operate through 7 locations and specialise in providing accounting and advisory services to businesses from start ups to corporate groups. Apart from standard audit and accounting services, which include a large payroll bureau, they offer a wide range of specialist services to assist the profitable development of businesses. 

They are a leading practice in IT business applications, provide strong advice and practical support for strategic planning, the development of business plans and exit and succession planning and are also able to provide, when necessary, a litigation support team for claimants or defendants. Tax planning, whether for the business itself or directors and shareholders personally, is undertaken by specialist tax accountants. They also specialise in inheritance tax planning and probate.

The ethos of the firm is to provide a personal service for every client according to the individual needs of each client.

A close relationship is established so that the firm has a clear and continuing understanding of the client’s needs. These can include, for example, when an acquisition of a business is being considered : -

  • Undertaking due diligence on a business
  • Advice on a prospective purchase of a business
  • Assisting the production of or producing a business plan
  • Supporting an application for finance, including accompanying clients to a meeting at a bank where appropriate
  • Advice on the type of ownership, for example whether the business should be operated as a limited company, sole trader or partnership
  • Implementation of new accounting or management control systems
A partner or other specialist will always be happy to meet clients on their own premises or elsewhere as appropriate. They are not office bound in their own offices!

This relationship will normally develop and deepen over time in order that the client can fully benefit from the advice and service required.

Contact details :-

Adrian Hemmings
Simpkins Edwards
Michael House
Castle Street
Tel : 01392 211233
Fax : 01392 413173
Email :

CarterDawes IFA Solutions Ltd.


Financial Planning and the Sale of a Business…

Working in conjunction with Beardsley Theobalds we at CarterDawes aspire to add value for those selling their businesses.

It is wise to consider financial planning issues and where to seek advice early in the process.

Why should I talk to CarterDawes?

Roger Mundy, the Managing Director of Beardsley Theobalds, and I established a working relationship when helping a client of mine here at CarterDawes sell their business. We recognised in each other similarities in our approach to business and service.

We have an overriding principle of "best advice" and "relationships" which is very different from the sales based approach prevalent in Financial Services. This was the driving factor behind the establishment of CarterDawes as a practice and it is this dedication to relationships and advice that has led to the success of CarterDawes as a provider of truly independent financial advice.

What type of service benefits me most?

The principle that underpins everything we do here at CarterDawes is that the most successful type of financial advice service is one that lasts! What we mean by that is a continued and stable relationship that allows financial plans to develop and adapt with the changing circumstances of each client. We very much believe that we are well placed to provide this.

I personally provide service to the clients of Beardsley Theobalds. I have over 25 years of experience in financial services, spending my entire career in this field, and hold the Gold Standard Qualification of Chartered Financial Planner. As a partner and founder of CarterDawes I am committed to the business for the long term.

I feel that this gives a unique platform for a long term relationship, unlike most advice services, many of which are based on sales and targets. Our goal is to build long term lasting relationships with our clients, based on service. This is how we have grown our business.

Here at CarterDawes we have a wealth of experience from our Advisers who have undertaken a variety of responsible roles in their careers in financial services in order to culminate as an IFA, with sufficient life experience to provide advice. We are able to draw on each other’s experiences to enhance the advice proposition provided.

Simon Carter, Chartered Financial Planner

Contact Details :-

Montana House
130 High Street
Devon    EX14 1JP
Tel : 01404 46943
Mobile : 07970 033490
E-mail :


Marc Lawson & Co. Logo

We are different to other accountants

We work much more closely with our clients than traditional accountants. We also have a much smaller number of clients than normal and are selective in the clients that we act for. We want to get to know our clients businesses inside out, enabling us to easily identify problems and spot opportunities. We want to help improve profits and encourage growth.

Our mission is to always add value

Whatever we do for you, we will always carry out our work with the aim of adding value to your business. We do this by a combination of increasing profits and cash flow. We run a very cost effective business by making the most of modern technology, resources and research, but we will never be the cheapest solution.

Amongst the many ways we look at to add value will be researching opportunities within your business to grow profits and cash flow, looking at hundreds of ideas for tax planning, including access to some of the most exclusive tax planning schemes (until now usually only available to the very rich), as well as looking at grants, funding, cost savings and benchmarking to help you achieve much more. In addition, our moneyVision financial service sister-company will be able to look at all your financial service aspects with a view to providing the best products at the cheapest available price.

We are so sure that we will be able to add value to your business that we provide a unique guarantee that says if at the end of each year you do not feel we have added sufficient value to justify our fee, then you simply pay us the value that you feel is relevant (including zero).

A unique feature of our service is fixed price agreements

Once we have established your needs we will give you a guaranteed fully inclusive price from the start. This will give you peace of mind and no surprise bills.

Our philosophy is to provide a high value service by: -

  • Providing the best possible service
  • Aiming to continually exceed our clients' expectations
  • Making the time to really listen to the needs of our clients
  • Suggesting ideas to improve profits and help the business grow
  • Providing professional expertise in order to proactively identify opportunities and provide solutions
  • Provide your accounts within 20 working days
  • Reply to your communications swiftly and promptly
  • To always let you know the status of any work we are carrying out so that you never need to chase us
  • Being an indispensable part of your business

Our aim is to provide small and medium sized businesses with information and advice that goes beyond the traditional accountancy services of preparing accounts and tax returns.

We believe that many business owners work long hours and come under increasing amounts of stress for insufficient rewards. Our aim is to help businesses achieve a greater balance between the effort put into their business and the amount of income they receive back. This is achieved by making available a wide range of professional services starting with a substantial amount of free information, building up through relatively cheap business forums right through to full partnership type consultancy work, where we are involved in the day to day running of the business to a great extent.

businessVision benefit from having a stable number of long serving team members and a reputation in the South West as being a practice that is different from the typical accountancy practice, is small and friendly, but able to offer the type of services more commonly associated with large accountancy firms.

Contact details :-

Tel. 01752 752210

Fax. 01752 752211


Crisp Group

Crisp GroupCRISP is a leading edge provider of strategic business development consultancy, marketing led and geared to helping clients build their business in a profitable and sustainable way.

They pride themselves on their ability to effortlessly integrate appropriate skills and technologies to ensure that your business is future-proof, customer-rich and competitor-resistant.

Their advice to clients is unbiased, reflecting the fact that their start-point is the needs of the business, not a vested interest in any particular marketing discipline.

Beardsley Theobalds - Home

48 Queen Street, Exeter, Devon, EX4 3SR
Tel: +44 (0)1392 253071
Fax: +44 (0)1392 422093